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Beavers on Brownsea

Jamboree On The Trail  (JOTT)  Hike @ Brownsea.

100 beavers and 30 leaders spent a wonderful day on Brownsea Island to gain their JOTT badge for 2017. JOTT is the day that scouts from all over the world hike to achieve this badge.

We were blessed with fabulous weather and all hiked to the ferry from the big sandbanks car park. Every group then went around the island in their colonies. Most were seen up in the designated trees they can climb and most visited the natural assault course both activities thoroughly enjoyed by the beavers.

We all came together for a Christchurch picnic near the Baden Powell stone where the first scout camp was held on Brownsea. One of our leaders Jen was presented with her wood beads following the completion of her training which was a special moment and we all ended the picnic by singing a favourite campfire song ‘ found a peanut’.

Another fantastic day out for our younger beaver scout section (aged 6 – 8 years old) and thank you so much to our adult volunteers for giving up an entire day (although they seemed to be having great fun too)