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16! Yes 16 Christchurch young people off to Jamboree 2019

Jamborees are the biggest events in scouting. They are a global gathering of 14-17 year old scouts and guides and because they only happen once every four years you get one opportunity to be a participant at this truly life changing, formative event. More countries are represented at Jamborees than the Olympics and 16 marvellous young people from Christchurch have been selected to join 50,000 others from all corners of the world at the 24th World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, USA in two years time. This is the largest representation ever at a Jamboree for Christchurch and is a reflection of what great young people we have in the district. We need to raise £60,000 to send them to this incredible event and also pay for scouts from third world countries who would otherwise be unable to attend. This is a daunting task but one that has been achieved for previous Jamboree.